The LuminUS Group has a bold vision to share with the world

Our Vision is to change the world by changing the way we work, learn and play so that all humans may thrive.

We will achieve this vision by fulfilling our purpose to improve the health of workplaces, homes, classrooms, and individuals through authentic connection. Our experiences are anchored in our core values of love, patience, curiosity, courage and authenticity.

The LuminUS Group uses clear intentions, simple frameworks and easy-to-apply methods that teach business leaders, teachers and individuals how to consciously create an environment that supports a healthy workplace, classroom and home. The LuminUS approach is applicable to all areas where we desire to create health, leading to success at an elevated state.

The LuminUS Group focuses on creating meaningful and authentic connection within and among our client group. This focus creates the necessary foundation for success. Our Power of Connection Wheel depicts the long term transformation that results from focusing on connection.