LuminUS Spaces

LuminUS Spaces works with clients who want to feel more peace, joy and ease to improve the health of their home or their work space.

What do we mean by health? We take a holistic approach by tending to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of our clients, which is heavily impacted by the content within their spaces. This affect on our health is often overlooked. Our spaces mirror how we are feeling.

Are you feeling scattered, overwhelmed, exhausted, irritated or simply just not as happy as you think you could be in your home or workspace?

Tending to the energy of the contents in your space and the conscious placement of furniture can dramatically shift the energy, having a positive impact on your personal health.

Everything holds energy. When we are surrounded by content that no longer serves a purpose in our lives, it can effect us energetically, which often feels draining, overwhelming, suffocating or stagnant.

LuminUS Spaces is influenced by the Marie Kondo method of only surrounding yourself with what brings you “joy” and uses a LuminUS approach that guides you through a kind and supportive process of deciding what to keep, rather than deciding what to get rid of. LuminUS Spaces also helps to recreate your space with intention and consideration of your specific purpose and needs.