The LuminUS Group

The LuminUS Group works with Leaders to improve the health of their workplaces so that ultimately they see the business results and the business culture they desire.

Essentially, we help organizations navigate through the necessary changes to achieve their desired results /outcomes.

What do we mean by health? We take a holistic approach by tending to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of the individuals within the organization. Each person contributes to the overall health of the environment which is defined by and created through individual and collective behaviours. LuminUS tends to this overall health by creating the conditions for meaningful connection to occur on a regular basis. Our Power of Connection Wheel depicts the long term transformation that results from focusing on connection.


Power of Connection Wheel

How do we do this?

The LuminUS Group uses clear intentions, simple frameworks and easy-to-apply methods to teach business leaders how to consistently co-create an environment that supports connection leading to success. The LuminUS Success Map explains our methods and our process. We illuminate the path to long term change by shifting behaviour to life nurturing inputs consistently. Results can be seen immediately within one session and with practice and over time, these results compound into transformation and ultimately the desired results for the business.


Success Map


Do you sometimes feel like your organization maintains revenue instead of seeing regular and consistent growth year over year? Do you sometimes feel like the culture could be better but you are not sure how to change it?


Flip Flop


When we regularly flip-flop between life-nurturing and life-depleting inputs the organization can feel like it is stagnant in a few different ways. The culture remains the same over time, revenue is consistent instead of growing and things just always “feel the same”. It takes a commitment to life-nurturing input behaviours to move an organization forward...even when the going gets tough. This is the hardest part because our default mode often turns to life-depleting and hence the regular flip-flopping.

The LuminUS Group offers coaching, mentorship and training for LuminUS leadership development and group facilitation. Our services help leaders and the collective organization to understand and access the LuminUS frameworks and easy-to-apply methods to create a life-nurturing environment that drives success on an ongoing basis.

All experiences offered by LuminUS Group are highly interactive, as experiential learning has the highest retention and can create transformation immediately. The learning that takes place integrates deeply into each participant allowing new practices to emerge that they can apply easily and immediately. Basically, this means it is really hard to forget.