LuminUs Faces

LuminUS Faces works with individuals to improve the health of their relationship with themselves so that they feel more confident, peaceful and joyful in their lives.

What do we mean by health? We take a holistic approach by tending to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. LuminUS cultivates the conditions for you to experience meaningful connection with yourself. In this safe space you are able to recognize and release the beliefs, stories and obstacles that often leave you feeling ‘stuck’ and unfulfilled. Each journey is unique as we uncover your personal path to alignment so you feel more clear and confident. 

How do we do this?

LuminUS faces is where we get to customize a unique and personalized program for you. We have access to many tools that have been developed through LuminUS group and lovingly borrowed from others to support you on your journey to health. Because we work with your unique personal goals and desires we have the opportunity to connect you to a variety of our programs.

We can access this work through one on one coaching, energy sessions, retreats and workshops at the LuminUS retreat centre in Lynden Ontario.


LuminUS faces’ holistic approach



Personal care through nutrition, yoga and supportive personal care products



Personal care through meditation and energy healing



Personal care through self awareness and meditation

Woman Circle


LuminUS Women’s circles


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